Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony helps couples express in a physical way the vows, promises and thoughts that are at the heart of Weddings, Handfastings and Vow renewals.

Today many people get together having had previous relationships and this ceremony is a lovely way for members of both families to join in and confirm the new bond between them.

Sand of different colours is poured by each into a single vessel. This can be in layers or blended at the same time. The vase , shadowbox or bottle is then sealed and can be kept in the couples home as a reminder of the day and their union. 

Two colours or a colour for each of the family members can be used. Colours can match the design of the day or can be relevant to a place or belief. 

Real sand or shells or whatever is used could be from where a person was born or have other significance to the couple.


Here are two families celebrating together. Members of each family are using different shade of blue after the grandchildren use white to signify new beginnings..
The ways to do the ceremony are limited only by our imaginations.