More Mini Ceremonies

Love Letters

Couples write each other a love letter which are then locked in a box to be opened at a particular anniversary in the future.

The letters could also be from friends and family and the box could also contain some glasses and a bottle of wine along with anything else that will evoke memories of their special day.


Flower Ceremony

A Flower Ceremony can be performed in a number of ways – Traditionally after the vows the couple each have a flower (Perhaps brought by attendants – A chance to involve younger family members) and exchange these as their first gift to each other.

The flowers can then be placed in a vase and family and friends invited to also place flowers. The couple can have a particular flower or colour and the family and friends another.

The flowers can have messages/good wishes attached to them. 

A variation would be that the ceremony is done early and after they exchange the couple give theflowers to their partners respective mothers to honour them.

Roses are traditionally used as a symbol of love although any could such as Forget-me-nots or a variety that has personal significance.


Tree Planting

Planting a tree can be used to be the first act of a couples new life and something they can nurture and watch grow. Friends and family can also help by each putting in a handful of earth to signify their willingness to help the couples relationship grow.

If the wedding or hand fasting is indoors the tree can be planted in a tub.

Releasing Butterflies

Native North Americans have many legends about butterflies, one tells us about the long journey that a butterfly makes in its life and its transformation.

Another says that if you capture a butterfly and whisper to it your love and wishes the Great Spirit that sees and hears all will grant those wishes in return for releasing it.