I am completely independent and a ceremony can include as much or as little religious content that you wish.

By meeting with you and your family, often more than once, we can plan together a personal ceremony that can also include any ritual that is reflective of you or your loved ones beliefs.


Funerals should be a personal celebration of your loved ones life and from our meeting and with any anecdotes sent to me from friends and family I will agree with you the order of service and create the wording for a tribute that reflects their life and personality.

Music (Live or recorded), readings, poems, mini rituals can all be included – In fact there are no rules and we can craft the ceremony to match you and your loved ones life. The ceremony can for example be held at Church/Chapel, a crematorium or Green Burial site.

Memorial Service

If family and friends are not able to attend a funeral at short notice it may be more appropriate to have a small ceremony at a crematorium and later a Memorial Service.
A memorial service might also be held at an anniversary of someones death or to mark the scattering of ashes. – Again I will meet with you to create something special.

Funeral and Memorial services can include contributions from family and friends and often really help to describe and contextualise many aspects of your loved ones life – playing music/singing, readings & poems and tributes/memories. This can also be a good way for younger people to feel more included.

With your Funeral Director I will make and confirm all the arrangements that we have included in your ceremony I will send you a copy of the service for you to confirm details and agree the content. At any point I am happy to make any amendments that you wish.

Afterwards I will give you a copy of the complete ceremony.